Da Ros Masking Trayfiller

The Da Ros Masking Trayfiller uses an inverted belt to cover the pots as they travel through. It incorporates a vibrator and paddle/brush assembly to push the peat into the pots.  The bottom  belt travels slightly faster than the top belt to ensure the correct positioning of the tray.

When changing styles of tray, the belt is simply removed and swapped (this operation only takes a couple of minutes to do).

Everything is adjustable in speed and height to ensure a clean and efficient fill.  The machine is easily accessible and very safe to use.

You can see pictures of the machine and a couple of videos if you click on this link

Bark Topping Machine

GAL have some interesting new equipment available for the coming season including a ‘large pot. Bark topper for pot sizes between 3 litre and 20 litre pots.  Following the gradual rise in the use of bark within the industry, we were receiving enquiries for a machine to top potted trees and large shrubs.  We adapted a Da Ros ‘bare root’ filler to dispense the bark as the pots travel through the machine, and then to distribute and level the bark with an under belt vibrator to give a smart and consistent  finish.  We have one machine out in the field so far and the results are very encouraging.

Da Ros LR603

Da Ros have launched a new ‘triple headed’ seeding machine available for 2017. Ideal for either the multi sowing of colours etc, or for the rapid changeover of seeds types or tray types.  It is also possible to seed into trays with a staggered cell layout on this machine.


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